Philip Vlemmings




Philip Vlemmings is a one of a kind guitar player with a broad musical background. He has played in various ensembles and has an extensive experience in doing solo performances. He draws inspiration from a wide variety of musical influences and genres, but with time has managed to develop his very own particular guitaristic idiom, impressively refined and very accessible at the same time. While some – at first glance – might say his music can be considered as ‘classical’ music, the warm Latin-American and Southern European undertones are hard to deny (think of Agustín Barrios or some delicate flamenco resonances). Others may say his compositions bear resemblance to some of the more contemporary ECM guitar heroes (think of Ralph Towner), but then again, it will soon turn out that any attempt to neat classification will be in vain.


Philip Vlemmings has a style completely of his own and the peculiarities of his wonderful music are hard to pin down, sparkling yet serene, intense but perfectly balanced. Speaking of balance, his first album Equilibrio, a collection of compositions written and played entirely by himself, is a telling example of his natural musical style and the unique atmosphere it engenders. Philip Vlemmings’ musical idiom, as attested by his first CD, can be characterized as an evocation of bliss and lightness, with some subtle strokes of the melancholy which at times affects us all. This is probably why his music is both playful and touching, surprisingly refreshing yet also kind of soothing, because of the recognizability and sweetness of its tones, without ever becoming sentimental. As an artist, Philip Vlemmings has come a long way and the result is an astounding narrative of musical purity and maturity – a magical wordless story to be discovered by all.

W. Kusters